We Recently Got Our Bathtubs Refinished

Hey everyone, thanks for coming back to read this new post we just wrote on a local company that does bathtub refinishing. Yeah I know, it’s nothing glamorous or special. We just wanted to give a shout out to a good local business for doing a great job. If you need a bathtub refinishing fort lauderdale company then this review will help you out. We bought a fixer up house a few months ago and it needed some work done before it could be put back on the market and to get the value we wanted from it. The work that needed to be done was painting some walls, fixing some cabinets, refinishing the bathtubs to like new condition, and some other small things that didn’t take much time. When it came time to get the tubs refinished we called a friend who recommend a company called Resurfacing Tub. The guy we spoke to was extremely nice and helpful, took about a half hour to walk us thru everything and explain the process involved. Once the guy did all that we got some pricing and decided to set the date and time for his company to come out and get these tubs done. A few days later they arrived and got right to work. It took two days to do 3 tubs and they did an amazing job with all of them. The bathtubs looks like they were brand new, and there is no way you would be able to tell they were years old. We were very happy and satisfied with the service and high quality work that they did. We highly recommend them to anyone who lives in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida that needs their bathtubs refinished and resurfaced. Just follow the link above and get their contact information from their website and give them a call to get pricing and a free quote. That is it for today’s post. Have a good one.

Just a quick update, these guys came back to do some quick touch up work on one of the bathtubs that dried a little weird. The tub now looks like it’s brand new and we are extremely satisfied once again with their high quality service and work ethic. Check out Resurfacing Tub if you want to get your tubs back to new condition the easiest and cheapest way possible. You will not be unhappy or disappointed at all if you hire these guys to fix up your bathtubs at your residence. Take it from us, we just had them do 4 different tubs at one of the houses we recently bought to sell.