We Found The Best PC Repair Shop In Lake Worth

Hello everyone and welcome to another post where we talk about local business that is doing well and providing a important service. Today it is about a awesome PC Repair Shop in South Florida called PC Revive and they are incredible. They are not as big as Geek Squad or Best Buy, but their experience and excellent customer service makes up for it tenfold for sure. I have used them at least 5 times in the past month and a half for both me personally and one of my business’s. Each and every time we call them to come out they are here a few hours later. They are never late and never give excuses for anything. Besides the top notch service they are the best priced computer repair shop around here. They do not charge hourly like every single other shop in town, they simply charge a flat rate and that is it. You will not end up paying through the roof with this shop, that is a guarantee.

Their website is still fairly new and thy are currently working on it, but you can find everything you need on their. The different services are there, the service areas are there, and the contact information is there. Here are just a few things they work on, and do a great job at the same time. They fix the famous Blue Screen Of Death that everyone is very familiar with. They handle all Computer Tune-Ups to get your PC running fast and smooth with no dragging or delays. They will take care of any Data Transfer you need done. If the problem absolutely can not be fixed they will do a Factory Reset for you & then do all of the necessary and required Windows Upgrades / Updates. If you buy a new mouse or keyboard they will take car of the Hardware Replacements & Upgrades. If you are having trouble getting on the internet or just bough a new router or modem they will take care of the Networking & WiFi setup too. If you just bought a new scanner, printer, or fax the will set it up or if they aren’t working they will troubleshoot it and fix it. If you just bought a new program / software and need some assistance installing it or modifying they do that too. And the most popular service I am thinking is virus, spyware, & malware removal. So as you can see, they are definitely a full service computer repair shop and can help with any need you might have.

If you are having any type of computer, laptop, or pc problems you should definitely without a doubt give these guys a call first. You will not be unhappy or disappointed with their service, quality of work, or personalities. All of the employees there are very nice, polite, and respectful. If you ask a question they will take their time to answer it and in a way that you can understand, in layman’s terms. Besides all that, I will mention again that their pricing is based on a flat rate scale. Their will never be any type of surprises or increases in the cost unless it has been spoken about and agreed to.

Ok well that is it for today’s review of PC Revive located in South Florida. Give them a call or visit their contact pager here – http://pcrevive.org/contact-info/