Still Working

Ok, so we are still working on this site night and day. We want to give you guys and gals some great content, and that takes some hard work. Giving our users what they want is very important to us, and we plan to give it to you. All we ask is for a little patience. And like we said on the welcome post, we really appreciate the support that you have given us since we have had this site down, which was temporary. Anyways, we have some really cool stuff in-store for our audience coming up really soon. All you have to do is keep checking back periodically. If you are on our list of subscribers you will get random emails telling you of the updates to the site. When we have something brand new that’s excellent you will be notified. You can fill out the contact form to be added to our list and that way you do not have to manually keep checking back. Although, we do recommend that 😉

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