Read About How My Friend Got High PR Links

Today I am going to tell you about how my fiend got some good high pr links to his site in a completely ethical way. I spoke to him a few days ago and we were talking about our sites and traffic, and he then told me that he got some pretty awesome high pr links from reputable sites that have very high trust and authority. So obviously I asked how he get them, and he said it was a secret. I finally got him to open up just a little and he said that he contacted the webmasters of the sites and told them that he just wrote about a really hot trending topic and it would really benefit that site to tell their readers about the post. In turn, the webmaster did just that, he wrote a new post on the homepage briefly telling the readers about this blazing hot story that could be seen at the following site. That site was his, and as a result he got a link from a PR 7 site with tons of authority and he also got tons of traffic. So you see, if you do things the right way, and just create great, trending, and hot stories then you can leverage the media to be on your side. Now I know what you guys are saying, that it will only work with certain sites and certain industries, but you can always find a news site that covers just about everything out there. All you have to do is find the right site and write a hot post about something that is being heavily talked about, very controversial, and that people want to read. I am in the process of writing one of those types of posts, and I have a few interviews from leaders in that particular industry, so I know that people will definitely want to read it, I just need to find that awesome site to contact and have them post a link on their site and my new blog post. I am pretty confident that it will work and I might even be able to contact a few different sites and tell them all about the same article I am writing. That way I can get more than 1 link outta this. And now I can keep using this technique over and over again. Now for the best part, once you establish that relationship with the webmaster or editor of the high pr site, now all you have to do is keep in touch with the person each week and keep telling them about your new content. You will see that once the trust is established they will almost always link to you in the future. Now you not only have some great inbound links coming in, but you also met someone on the net that you can talk to and communicate with about pretty much anything.

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