Boca Raton Window Tint Shop

Like our other posts on this site, we like to tell everyone about the experiences we have with companies and the work they do. This helps people make good choices when picking a company to use, for whatever it is they are doing. This one of a kind window tinting boca raton shop did such a good job that I have to shout it from my rooftop. From the moment I got them on the phone I just knew I had found the right place. They were super duper friendly and were very patient with me, as I had tons of questions for them. Once I decide they were the shop I wanted, I set up a appointment to bring my car in. When I arrived there I was graciously greeted by a employee that asked how I was doing and if I they could get me a cold drink (it was 99 degrees out!). After that I was given some choices as far as the tint I wanted and how dark I wanted it. They informed me about the laws in Florida and from there I chose. They took my car and said that I could wait in the waiting area if I wanted to. I sat down on a plushy couch and logged into their free wi-fi connection. I checked some emails and browsed the internet for about a half hour. About 20 minutes after that they said my car was done. I went to look at it and could not believe it was the same car. It looked fantastic and I was stoked about how good it looked now. I chose the best film out there, 3M, and their Performance film actually. I was given a hand out with instruction on the care and cleaning, with is somewhat obvious, don’t roll down your windows for a certain amount of time, and so on. But it was nice of them to take the time to create, print, and handout the paper.

Fast forward 48 hours now. I went outside to check out the tint job and it looked even better than at first. No bubble, no tears, nothing that you could see that would tell you that I just had the windows tinted. I was so happy that I called them to thank them again, and they were just as nice as the first time. I even posted a few reviews on some sites for them, because I know how important and valuable it is to have positive reviews. Now I will tell you about the company, called Boca Tint N Wraps. This is their website and you can read lots of information about their wonderful services there. If you mention seeing this post / review then you get another 10% off your purchase. Also make sure to check their promotions page for their weekly specials.