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Still Working

Ok, so we are still working on this site night and day. We want to give you guys and gals some great content, and that takes some hard work. Giving our users what they want is very important to us, and we plan to give it to you. All we ask is for a little patience. And like we said on the welcome post, we really appreciate the support that you have given us since we have had this site down, which was temporary. Anyways, we have some really cool stuff in-store for our audience coming up really soon. All you have to do is keep checking back periodically. If you are on our list of subscribers you will get random emails telling you of the updates to the site. When we have something brand new that’s excellent you will be notified. You can fill out the contact form to be added to our list and that way you do not have to manually keep checking back. Although, we do recommend that 😉

Our in-house Web Design Team is doing a great job, and we have also requested help from one of our supporters, WebRaven. Our Internet Marketing Department has hired a fantastic SEO Delray Beach Company to work on our SEO and Organic Search Results. They come highly recommended to us, and the name of their Company is SEOjus. They have been known to do some really great work on new sites, and old sites as well. Since we are pretty much starting from scratch, we decided to hire a outside company that specializes in SEO and Internet Marketing. They gave us a bunch of references and we verified them all. We got nothing but positive feedback that made them seems like rock-stars! So we came to an agreement that worked for both SEOjus and us, and it was very affordable to say the least. We have never paid such a good price for SEO Services before. And we believe that combining the work of WebRaven which is a leading Web Design Company in St. Augustine Florida & SEOjus there should be some phenomenal results. When it all comes together the site should be fantastic. That is our main goal. To have a really good site that has lots of good information that our users love and find useful. We hope that you stick with us during this time of re design and we promise to have the site back to the way it was, but even better really really soon! So go fill out the contact form now, or keep coming back on a daily basis. your choice! Just know, that we will be up and running very very shortly.

Some things that we plan on having on the site are daily posts in our Blog, great Pictures, Guest Posts, Free Resources, Interviews, and much much more. We are currently accepting Guest Post Applications which can be submitted through he same contact form that you used to sign up for the updates. If you would like some information about a great seo firm that does great work then you should definitely check out this Florida SEO Company for more information and you will really get a great boost in your results if you hired these guys. Also, they have the best seo blog out there now and you should definitely check that out now so click the link!

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The New Crown 3 Tank by Uwell

Good morning everyone! Today I will be writing briefly about the new Sub Ohm Tank by Uwell, the Crown 3. Obviously this is their 3rd version of the Crown Tank, and not all of them have been good. The first version was a good Tank, great flavor and good vapor production. The 2nd was not good at all. The coils were horrible and everyone knew it. They attempted to fix them but by the time that happened everyone was fed up. So now is their time for redemption. They know they can’t release another Tank with messed up coils. This is probably their last chance so I can’t imagine they would screw this up just for sales. If this version is no good I would say they are pretty much done in the Vape market/community. The Tank is 24.5mm in diameter, and holds 5ml of e-liquid. The Tank is made of Stainless Steel and the glass is Quartz. It has a special anti leak top fill, and triple adjustable airflow slots. It’s 510 threaded and come with a wide-bore drip tip. It will initially come in 4 different colors; Stainless Steel (Silver), Black, Matte Black, Sapphire Blue, 7 Iridescent (Rainbow). There are 2 coils included and available, a .25 ohm SUS316 Parallel Coil and a .5 ohm SUS316 Parallel Coil. The range for the .25 ohm coils is 80 – 90W and for the .5 ohm coils it is 70 – 80W.

The product includes the Crown 3 Tank, a Extra Quartz Glass replacement, a .25 ohm Coil (pre-installed), a .5 ohm Coil, Extra O-rings, a Users Manual, the Crown 3 Key, & a Drip Tip Cover. The Key is pretty cool and the Drip Tip cover is very useful if you like to keep your device in your pocket but don’t want foreign objects getting into the tip and then the tank.

The Tank is selling for anywhere from $30 – $40 and the Matte Black and Sapphire Blue are a extra dollar. I already ordered mine from The Best Vape. They have great prices, excellent customer service, and the shipping is like light-speed. They currently have the Uwell Crown 3 Tank listed on their site now if you are interested in picking one up. They are not in stock yet, but you can reserve the color you want so you do not miss out. Go check out the Tank now, and if you do decided to get it let us know what you think. That is pretty much it for today, thanks for reading!


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Window Tint Shops In Boca Raton

The company we are going to tell you about today is an up and coming tint shop in sunny South Florida that is doing some really big things. They just recently moved into a new shop that is about 4 to 5 times as big as their old shop. They have purchased brand new equipment (very expensive) that now allows them to print, cut, and laminate everything and anything you could possibly dream of. Their car window tint service is the best around town, which definitely makes them the best window tint boca raton shop out there right now and probably of all time. They have a full team of highly qualified professionals that have a combined 30 plus years of window tint experience doing auto tint, boat tint, residential tint, commercial tint, commercial / fleet wraps, and custom car wraps. They also only use the best of the best when it comes to materials, which includes 3M, Oracle, and LLumar.

Their pricing is not the cheapest around, but the quality is the best and therefore the prices will correspond with that. The darkness % of the window tint film does not matter at all, you can choose whatever % you want and it will not effect the price. The only way that the price goes up is if you choose special high quality high performance film. They do have promotions and specials every week so make sure to check those out each weekly. You can sign up for their email list to be notified of these special sales and promotions. If you are in the Boca Raton area and need tint for your house, car, office, boat, or commercial property then make sure to check out these Boca Raton window tint Experts for more information about their services. Besides top notch materials, expert workers, a great graphic design team, and a huge shop, they are also some of the nicest, most professional, and honest group of people you will ever meet. This is why we wrote about them today and are highly recommending their excellent company to anyone looking to get something tinted or who wants a custom car wrap. Check out their site here mimessiautodesign.com now for info including their full range of services and to get their contact information. Ok well that pretty much wraps it up for this local business post. Have a wonderful weekend and as always please be safe.


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One of The Best Sub Tank Reviews Out

I am here today to tell you all about a great site about Vaping. They post awesome deals that are the latest and greatest, as well as new reviews of Sub Ohm Tanks, RDA’s, Mods, eJuice, and everything in between. One of their best reviews is the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank Review that they posted about a month ago. If you go read it now you can really tell that they know exactly what they are doing and put the products under the microscope. They only write their honest opinion and they are not for sale. They will not and never will accept compensation for writing something positive about a product and that means that everything you read on their site is honest and real. Keep in mind that their reviews are not biased at all and never will be. They are not doing this to make money or for any other selfish reason, their sole purpose is to help consumers make the mist informed and educated decision possible when buying anything Vape related. You an feel confident that if they say something is good that it will be good and you can take that to the bank. There used to be about a 100 reviews on their site but they recently took pretty much all of them offline because they are in the middle of a big site update. For this reason they need to get as much traffic as possible so that when they come back live with all their older reviews they will already have some traffic, rather than starting fresh like a brand new site. That is the reason we decided to write about them today, to give them a hand and help them out however and wherever we can. They have done so much for the Vape community and will do more in the future so they deserve all the help they can get. We fully support them in anything they are doing to give honest reviews and post the latest deals online. Please do something good today and check out their site, they really need the traffic.  In addition, please like, share, tweet, comment, and tell everyone you know about their site to help them out, they really need it while there doing their update. And you should also sign up for their newsletter to be ready for when they come back in full swing so you never miss a reviews, deal, or update. You can check them out here thebestvape.com for the best Vape stuff around. Ok all of you readers, that is pretty much it for this post, make sure to do what I asked and have a wonderful day.


The site we are talking about has started to sell E Juice. They carry almost every flavor by One Hit Wonder E Liquid & Sicboy. Those 2 companies both produce some excellent quality e juice along with being extremely flavorful. The newest one out by One Hit Wonder is called Magic Man. It is like a handful of gummy bears mixed together to get a trifecta of mysterious flavors. They cal it Magic Man because it can taste different with every puff. The Best Vape has it in stock and you can find it here – Magic Man by One Hit Wonder

I wouldn’t wait long though, this is going to be a very very sought after juice, specially being made by 1HW.

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Today I am going to tell you about how my fiend got some good high pr links to his site in a completely ethical way. I spoke to him a few days ago and we were talking about our sites and traffic, and he then told me that he got some pretty awesome high pr links from reputable sites that have very high trust and authority. So obviously I asked how he get them, and he said it was a secret. I finally got him to open up just a little and he said that he contacted the webmasters of the sites and told them that he just wrote about a really hot trending topic and it would really benefit that site to tell their readers about the post. In turn, the webmaster did just that, he wrote a new post on the homepage briefly telling the readers about this blazing hot story that could be seen at the following site. That site was his, and as a result he got a link from a PR 7 site with tons of authority and he also got tons of traffic. So you see, if you do things the right way, and just create great, trending, and hot stories then you can leverage the media to be on your side. Now I know what you guys are saying, that it will only work with certain sites and certain industries, but you can always find a news site that covers just about everything out there. All you have to do is find the right site and write a hot post about something that is being heavily talked about, very controversial, and that people want to read. I am in the process of writing one of those types of posts, and I have a few interviews from leaders in that particular industry, so I know that people will definitely want to read it, I just need to find that awesome site to contact and have them post a link on their site and my new blog post. I am pretty confident that it will work and I might even be able to contact a few different sites and tell them all about the same article I am writing. That way I can get more than 1 link outta this. And now I can keep using this technique over and over again. Now for the best part, once you establish that relationship with the webmaster or editor of the high pr site, now all you have to do is keep in touch with the person each week and keep telling them about your new content. You will see that once the trust is established they will almost always link to you in the future. Now you not only have some great inbound links coming in, but you also met someone on the net that you can talk to and communicate with about pretty much anything.

If for some reason you have trouble using this tactic, them you can always go to one of my buddies sites and ask them to help you out. The site address is http://premiumseojuice.com and they would be happy to help you in acquiring some powerful high pr links for your new or old website.

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Boca Raton Window Tint Shop

Like our other posts on this site, we like to tell everyone about the experiences we have with companies and the work they do. This helps people make good choices when picking a company to use, for whatever it is they are doing. This one of a kind window tinting boca raton shop did such a good job that I have to shout it from my rooftop. From the moment I got them on the phone I just knew I had found the right place. They were super duper friendly and were very patient with me, as I had tons of questions for them. Once I decide they were the shop I wanted, I set up a appointment to bring my car in. When I arrived there I was graciously greeted by a employee that asked how I was doing and if I they could get me a cold drink (it was 99 degrees out!). After that I was given some choices as far as the tint I wanted and how dark I wanted it. They informed me about the laws in Florida and from there I chose. They took my car and said that I could wait in the waiting area if I wanted to. I sat down on a plushy couch and logged into their free wi-fi connection. I checked some emails and browsed the internet for about a half hour. About 20 minutes after that they said my car was done. I went to look at it and could not believe it was the same car. It looked fantastic and I was stoked about how good it looked now. I chose the best film out there, 3M, and their Performance film actually. I was given a hand out with instruction on the care and cleaning, with is somewhat obvious, don’t roll down your windows for a certain amount of time, and so on. But it was nice of them to take the time to create, print, and handout the paper.

Fast forward 48 hours now. I went outside to check out the tint job and it looked even better than at first. No bubble, no tears, nothing that you could see that would tell you that I just had the windows tinted. I was so happy that I called them to thank them again, and they were just as nice as the first time. I even posted a few reviews on some sites for them, because I know how important and valuable it is to have positive reviews. Now I will tell you about the company, called Boca Tint N Wraps. This is their website bocatintnwraps.com and you can read lots of information about their wonderful services there. If you mention seeing this post / review then you get another 10% off your purchase. Also make sure to check their promotions page for their weekly specials.


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Hiring A Local SEO Company

Many people think that hiring a seo company is hard, and they are right in some respects. There are thousands of companies out there, which makes the process really hard and time consuming to find the right one. Today I will try to help you narrow it down, so that you can get the best local seo company on your team and rise to the top. First of all, you need to make sure that the company is actually local, meaning they are relatively close to you, and you can meet them any time you need. The last thing you want is a seo firm that is thousands of miles away and you can’t get ahold of them when you need them. SO once you verify that they are nearby, next is checking the quality of work they do. You can do this a few ways. One thing you can do is ask for references, past and current clients. This is good because you can see who is with them now, who was with them, and see why they are not with them still. there might be a reason that they do not want you to now. But if they give a list of references, that is a good sign. Call them up, ask them questions, remember this is your website, a very important part of your business, so make sure you are going down the right path. After that, try to see what kind of reviews they have. Search for their company name, then search that plus the word ” reviews ‘ after it. Once you narrow it down to a few companies it’s time to meet them face to face. Making sure that they are a right fit for your company is just as important as the work that they do. Once you meet them, ask lots of questions. See how patient they are, if they rush you, if they only care about money, etc. Then ask what methods they use to rank sites. Find out if they use white hat or black hat methods, but they probably would not admit the latter.  Basically you are getting a feel for them and what they are about.

We highly recommend using the following Florida SEO Company if you are in Florida. We have been using them for awhile now and they have done wonders to our site. We had no page 1 rankings when they started, now we have over 20 keywords on page 1. We are so happy with them that we literally tell everyone about them. They are getting extremely busy with new clients so if you are contemplating hiring a seo firm, then you need to get on the horn with them right now and set up a appointment. Do not wait until your competitor gets those high rankings, make the first move which will be the smartest thing you could ever do. The company we are talking about is NaturalSEOJuice.com and they are located in South Florida.

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iPhone Repair Boca Raton – Review

So I recently dropped my iPhone and it was completely ruined. The screen was cracked and it did not even turn on anymore. We searched for some iPhone Repair Boca Raton Shops and finally found one that we liked. They were super friendly and had decent pricing. When we went there we were greeted almost immediately. The lady that helped us was super friendly and answered all of our questions without hesitation. Everything was explained in detail and we were completely satisfied with their service. Once we handed over the iPhone we were asked a few questions and then they told us to come back in a few hours or first thing in the morning. We came back in the am and the phone was ready. We checked it out and it was like new. There were no indications of the iPhone being broken at all. It was absolutely perfect. There are no complaints at all with this company. IF you recently dropped or broke your iPhone and your in the Boca Raton area, we highly recommend using iPhoneisbroken.com for your repairs. You can’t go wrong with these guys. They will be totally upfront and honest with you about everything. Whether it can be fixed or not, what the risks are, and how long it will take. We were told that most repairs take a few hours, or a day or two at the most, depending on the part that needs to be fixed or ordered. For the most part, it is usually the screen that is cracked and they do keep these in stock. Everyone knows that being without a phone is torture. They understand this and will do their best to get the phone fixed and back in your hands a soon as possible. When we checked out the other iPhone Repair Shops In Boca Raton we were not happy with what we saw. A lot of the employees were rude, quick with us, and just wanted our money. Not these guys, at all. You can tell when someone is genuinely helping you and when they are not. iphoneisbroken is definitely helpful in all ways and they have a knack for making you feel better about breaking your phone. As we said, we really do highly recommend these guys for any iPhone repair you may need done. They will do their best to help out in any way they can, at a good price that you are comfortable with, and in a really quick time frame. If and when you do go there, you can mention seeing them here on our site, and that might get you a tine discount on your service. Heck, it can’;t hurt, right? We hope you enjoyed this review and that it helped in picking out a iPhone Repair Shop in Boca Raton. Have a great day everyone! Till next time….

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Custom Car Wrap Shop In Palm Beach

Hi everyone, we hope your all doing great and have a wonderful day today! This post is going to be about a Company in Palm Beach that does Car Wraps and Window Tint. The reason we chose this for today is because they did such a great job on our vehicles that we thought they deserved a review. So here it is. Boca360Wraps is located in Boca Raton which is in Palm Beach County. They specialize in Custom Car Wraps and Window Tinting, as well as Headlight Restoration and Rim Wrapping. Their team is wonderful, suite friendly, they speak English and Spanish, their prices are very competitive with other local companies, and they do fantastic work to top it off. They have a special Custom Car Wraps Service that gives you a discount if you are a resident of Palm Beach County. The Owners have tons of experience doing this, like over 20 years. They really know what they are doing when it comes to car wraps and window tinting. You can be sure that if you bring your car their for any of those things they will do a terrific job for a great price in a very reasonable tine. Satisfaction is always guaranteed or they will make it right. In the years they have been around there has not been one complaint or error in their work. If you visit their site you can take advantage of their monthly special as well as their Palm Beach Resident Discount. These combines will take a good little chunk of the cost involved, which isn’t much to begin with. All you have to do is call them, stop by their shop, or send them a email and you will get a reply withing hours with a answer or price quote of what you want done.

So why would you want a car wraps on your vehicle? Here is why. This is the absolute cheapest form or advertising and marketing you can apply. It’s a one time payment for a lifetime of exposure. You pay for the graphic design, printing, and the installation, and that is it. Advertising for life. Whenever you are driving you are putting your business name and brand out there for everyone on the road to see. If you have the right artwork with the right placement this can be the best way to get some new business in the quickest amount of time. These car wraps are not permanent and they can be removed without any damage left over t any time. you can constantly rotate your wrap without fear of harming your car. Also, this is putting a protective layer on top of your paint, so not only are you getting the benefit of advertising, you are also protecting your investment while keeping the value of your automobile from dropping. When the Car Wrap is removed you will have a perfect layer of paint still left under.

There are many reasons to get your Car Wrapped, so do not hesitate to get in touch with Boca360Wraps today and get the ball rolling now. You can visit their site, call them @ 561 372-9921, or send them a email @ info@boca360wraps.com

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